Reasons for Cloud Backup Business in Durban

Why you need a cloud backup for your business in Durban? Cloud storage is more affordable then you think Yes, there’s an ongoing fee associated with cloud storage, but its often far less expensiv...

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Seven IT Services that can be outsourced

In house IT support can be very costly. You need to spend time recruiting, training and up-skilling staff. In addition who do you turn too when your IT staff are off sick or on leave. Worse still is w...

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5 Reasons for your business to move to Microsoft Office 365 in South Africa

1. You can access files anywhere Microsoft 365 allows your organisations to store all your files in the cloud. This means they can be accessed on any device, from any location in the world with an int...

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What are cloud services?

Cloud Services You’ve realized that as a company, you need to move your storage and infrastructure to the cloud services. Cloud storage has many advantages it is reliable, flexible and offers scalab...

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The benefits of outsourcing IT Services in Durban

What is IT Outsourcing? IT outsourcing is the use of external or third party IT companies to deliver IT services to a business. The drawbacks of having in house IT staff Having in-house IT staff can b...

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