Reasons for Cloud Backup Business in Durban

Why you need a cloud backup for your business in Durban?

  1. Cloud storage is more affordable then you think

Yes, there’s an ongoing fee associated with cloud storage, but its often far less expensive than many traditional methods. There’s no complicated hardware to buy, no do you have to come up with a place to keep those important items. Cloud storage for all your data is also far less expensive than the cost of trying to restore your data after a system failure, and its always off-site, so even if something happens to your physical facility, you’ll still be able to quickly restore your business to full functionally.

  1. Cloud storage never sleeps

With traditional backup methods, you have to actively take the time to create a backup. If someone makes a mistake or you don’t take care of your backup on time, you’ll end up with a situation little better than if you had backup at all. Cloud storage on the other hand is always working to ensure that your data is backed up. Not only does it take care of big losses, always on cloud storage means that its quick and easy to restore files that were accidentally deleted or modified by an employee.

  1. Cloud backups – quick and easy to recover

You don’t have to worry about driving to a new physical location or finding equipment to restore your data, getting your business back to normal functionality faster. Since time lost is money lost in any business, the faster you can restore your data, the less money you’ll lose. Not only that, quick restoration leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and that’s well worth investing in.

  1. Cloud backup goes beyond compliance

When you choose a reputable cloud storage solution, you aren’t just getting a solution that’s compliant with the security standards in your industry. Most cloud backup solutions have strong security that is designed to protect your vital data from hackers and prevent it from being lost. Not only will you know that you’ve met the security compliance standards for industry, you’ll get the confidence that only comes from knowing you’ve surpassed them. Its automatically encrypted as soon as you send it which means that you don’t have to put the effort into your security just enjoy the results.

  1. Cloud backup, set it and forget it

It’s always on running in the background, which means that its something that you never have to worry about. Its one of the easiest solutions for ensuring that your business has the data backup it needs in order to operate with confidence. Most backup solutions are only as effective as your staff’s ability to use them. When you opt for cloud backup, however use and restoration are simple.

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