Seven IT Services that can be outsourced

In house IT support can be very costly. You need to spend time recruiting, training and up-skilling staff.

In addition who do you turn too when your IT staff are off sick or on leave. Worse still is when your IT staff unexpectedly resign and leave your company high and dry.

This is where IT outsourcing yields many benefits for your business. We have compiled a list of 7 IT services that can be outsourced.


  1. IT Support- Day to day support

Your day to day desktop, network, internet and printer support can be quickly and easily outsourced to a competent IT company. Lets be honest here your don’t have time to run around to fix a laptop that wont come on. Outsource your IT while you focus on running your business.

  1. Proactive IT support

Not every IT team has the experience needed to manage and maintain a business infrastructure. Proactive IT support involves updating your operating systems and core applications anti virus and malware updates and computer optimizations. Proactive support prevents issues before they occur and is your first line of defense. So by outsourcing your work, you will proactively monitor and upgrading your equipment before any problems arise.

  1. Cloud Storage

In South Africa businesses run the risk of fires, floods, theft and looting. It is far too risky to have your critical company data stored only on your office computers and servers. Disaster can strike at any time and data lose can cripple your business at any time. Cloud services allow your business data too be safely stored off site thereby insulating your business from the events mentioned above. In the event that a disaster strikes all you would need to get back up and running is a laptop and an internet connection.

  1. Backups and Disaster Recovery

We see it time and time again – companies who do not have a back up solution or strategy in place. When disaster strikes critical business data is lost having detrimental effects on the business and its finances. Having a tried and tested backup solution is paramount. This will ensure that business operations can continue smoothly in the event of a disaster. We highly recommend a double backup system with data being backed up on site as well as too the cloud. It is highly recommended that your backup solution be outsourced for maximize efficiency and piece of mind.

  1. Cloud Hosting

You don’t just have to store just data. Businesses can also choose to move their servers and infrastructure to cloud as well, finding that the flexibility and scalability that the cloud offers more affordable and far more suited to a fast paced and ever evolving technical world. You could outsource the proactive management of your infrastructure, you can also outsource the management of these cloud environment that can include your apps, networks and visual servers. View our cloud services offering.

  1. Cyber Security

Threats to your business are being uncovered daily. As technologies advance, so do the techniques of hackers, who then infiltrate them. For a business to maintain cyber security, you would need a team of experts on call to manage your technology, install updates and deal with a variety of attacks that occur, which according to stats are every 39 seconds. Therefore working with a highly trained and experienced outsourced team you will have excess to the latest technology and your disposal which makes for more sense than hiring a team to constantly monitor your systems from attempting attacks .

  1. IT Consulting, Roadmapping and Guidance

Businesses feel that in order to meet their goals, finding the right technology is an internal project. Who could know their business after all than founders and CEOs. But you don’t need to go it alone. IT companies in Durban such as Datalink IT Services have experience with a wide range of technologies, working with them to find the right solution for your business and putting together a roadmap for implementation which is a form of outsourcing that every company can find value in.

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