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We’re problem solvers.

We use our experience of people, business and IT systems design, create and implement systems as unique as your business.
We work in close partnership with our clients and build collaborative, flexible and powerful web based software systems and Android apps
– software development that delivers brilliant business results.

If you have a problem that needs solving, give us a call. We’re glad to help.

Web Based Applications

Why Web Based Software?

There are so many reasons to move to web based software. The flexibility alone is reason enough for many of our clients to make the switch to web based applications. However, here are the top reasons why our clients have opted for web based software.

Works on any browser!

Web based software gives your business increased flexibility. Software can be accessed on any platform from PCs and laptops to mobiles and tablets using any modern web browser.

Your Data is Secure

Traditional software often involves data being stored locally on your employees machines. For employees who are not office based this is a huge risk. All the data processed through our web based software is stored in a highly secure data cetre

Instant Software Setup and Updates

There is no CD with our custom built web applications. There is no long installation process or lengthy updates. Any updates that we make will happen online; and the next time you use the software, you’ll see the latest version.

Benefits of Web Applications

Web applications offer many advantages, whether designed for internal or external usage. Benefits include:

Technologies We Use

Our Development Process

  • 1


    We sit down with you and begin gathering your requirements

  • 2


    We start to design the software framework

  • 3


    Coding occurs at this stage and the software starts

  • 4


    We test the software extensively and iron out bugs

  • 5


    The software is ready for deployment

  • 6


    We maintain your custom software throughout

We’ve built application for various clients across different industries. Some applications we’ve created






How Much Will It Cost?

Traditionally, Bespoke software development was expensive and mostly used by larger organisations with big budgets.
Development technologies have since improved and we have some amazing skills and tools. This means we are able to build new systems much quicker and more less cost effective from exiting solid foundations.
So a Bespoke software development project may not cost as expensive as you think.

OK, sounds great, what's the next step?

If you are reading this then you already know you could benefit from our services.
Therefore contact us today for a free, no obligation, fact find on your requirements and we will provide a quotation of the development cost. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll call you back or call us on 031 279 8030

    Android Applications

    Your next Android app starts here!

    We build custom mobile Android applications for companies. Our mobile apps are built according your exact specifications and put through multiple testing cycles to ensure a quality end product. f you have a problem that needs solving, give us a call. We’d be glad to help.
    With our background in mobile and web development we have the know how to build mobile applications.

    Why choose us as your next Android app developer?

    Our pricing is more affordable than you think.

    Extensive testing done to iron out bugs and defects.

    Quicker turn around times

    Improved User Experience.

    Over 60+ websites currently hosted.

    Our Android App Process

    • Define clear goals

    • Setup requirements

    • Wireframe creation

    • Design and Development

    • Testing

    • Deployment

    Software Maintenance / SLA

    Get the most out of your software development project!

    We provide a monthly maintenance service backed by an SLA. With this service we can resolve any issues that may arise within your software infrastructure, perform code updates, ensure that backups are performed daily and proactively optimize your software to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

    Ready to get your next project started?

    Give us a call on 031 279 8030 or get in touch via email at just fill in the contact form below and we’ll call you right back.

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