Get Unlimited IT Support for your Business

We provide top notch Unlimited IT Support for your Durban business for a fixed monthly cost.

Its just like having your own IT department!

With one fixed monthly cost, clear scope, and guaranteed response times; an Unlimited IT Support agreement is the easiest way to get Enterprise level IT Services for a fixed and manageable monthly fee.

Get your own IT department for less than the cost of 1 employee!

How it works?

  • 1You let us know how many devices you want us to support and we’ll give you a fixed monthly fee.
  • 2We charge a fixed rate per device per month for unlimited remote IT support.
  • 3In addition you get remote monitoring on your devices, so we get alerted if there is any issue often before you even know about it.
  • 4Updates, space issues and slowdowns all become a thing of the past with our Unlimited IT support plan.

Still undecided?
Here are the benefits of having Unlimited IT Support

You wont need to hesitate to contact us

When you have Unlimited IT Support, your costs do not escalate with an increase in support requests. Your staff can contact us and get help immediately when there is a problem. This means less downtime for you and fewer disruptions to your workday.

You get fast fixes to your issues

When you come on board and sign up for Unlimited IT Support, you get priority support. Our technicians will connect to you quickly to fix your problem. 80% of issues are resolved remotely with first contact.

You have a whole team waiting to assist

You benefit from the combined skills and experience of our team. You can rest assured that your day-to-day IT issues will be resolved without too much fuss.

You also get on site support

In addition to getting Unlimited Remote IT Support, you also get 2 hours of on-site support per month at your premises. This can be used for proactive support or in the event something cannot be fixed remotely. If you need more support, just let us know so we can tailor make a plan for your business.

True fixed costs

Your cost each month is fixed, meaning no nasty surprises.

Proactive Maintenance

With our remote monitoring tools, we perform updates, optimisations and maintenance on your computers automatically. We also get alerted of issues, which we resolve before they cause you downtime.

What does it cover?

Desktop Support

Printer Support

Microsoft 365 Support

Support for your business applications

What does it cost?

Simple, transparent pricing!

You get Unlimited Support for just R500 per device.

If you would like to cover a lot of devices, talk to us so we can customise a price plan that works for you.

Need additional devices supported?

We offer add on services to our Unlimited IT Support SLA.

Have servers or a firewall on site?

No problem! We can easily support them with an add-on monthly cost. Talk to us so we can tailor make a support package for you.

Ready to get your IT Support headaches sorted?

Give us a call on 031 279 8030 or get in touch via email at just fill in the contact form below and we’ll call you right back.

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